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My name is Gabi and I am 18 years old.

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  • 2023.08.11 - 2023.08.16

    i'll write about my 2nd japan trip one day just wait

  • July

  • 2023.07.19

    oh i should probably explain the clock thing i made,

    basically, idk i got bored

    the character boucning around changes everyday,, heres the schedule,,,

    sunday - yomi
    monday - osaka
    tuesday - kagura
    wednesday - tomo
    thursday - sakaki
    friday - chiyo
    saturday - yukari


  • 2023.07.16

    fixed the websit a bit and added a few new things ! ! sorry i was too lazy to update this lol

  • June

  • 2023.06.17

    hi i updated the sketch gallery page! it,s like way more organized now,, check it ou

  • 2023.06.8

    i'll write about my first japan trip one day just wait

  • 2023.06.02

    hapy pride month

    planning to draw like azumanga ship art all month

  • May

  • 2023.05.21

    u have no idea how bored i am right now

    Chiyo Game

  • 2023.05.20

    play my game

    Will She Eat the Bread: The Video Game

  • 2023.05.09

    It's my birthday :)

    yay ..

  • 2023.05.08

    I can draw every azumanga daioh character from memory that's my talent.

    In other news i turn 17 tomorrow i don't want to i hate this

  • April

  • 2023.04.26

    finally finished the sketch page thingy ,,, check it out.!............

  • 2023.04.21

    i have all A's in sckool right now (!) . iam proud of myself . i wanted to share that :>

  • 2023.04.15

    regarding my last post , i got it i know what im gonna do ,,,,im gonna open my own coffee shop and call it Gabi's Cafe ,,,, and like it will be azumanga themed,, like i will set up my azumanga collection there for ppl to see, and then kaorin will be my mascot , and then mr azuma will sue me idk.

    but like seriously like recently i've kidna been fascinated with the idea of running my own cafe it sounds fun

  • 2023.04.13

    i have no fucking idea what i want to do with my life ,,like i know i wanna go to college and stuff ............ but then what , ,,

    ,,,i'm being told i shouldn't worry about it right now but then like other people are telling me i should have like a plan already and then im lik!!!AAA!!!!!!!!! like idk i'm stressing out right now

    like is there a job where i could just watch azumanga all day and get paid like 1000 money per hour that'd be nice

  • 2023.04.05

    it started raining like so much when i was outside during lunch 2day and i didn't have an umbrella .

    also off topic im rlly proud of this website ,its kinda awsome i think .
    The layout for this was inspired by Kiyohiko Azuma's blog that he used to run like a super long time ago ,,

    just wanted to share that :)

  • 2023.04.03

    i eated a waffle today it was good

    cherry blossom trees are so cool btw they look so nice .. i wanted to like take pictures after school with like my osaka figure but i took a nap instead

  • 2023.04.02

    Been wanting to make a blog like thjs for a really long time now,,,,, just rlly never had the time and patience to make one lol,,, but I finally had time and here it is !.....,, anywyas yea byee